Our client's satisfaction is the basis of Odebrecht Construction Inc.'s (OCI's) existence. OCI treats each client as an individual with specific needs. First, we assess our client's unique requirements in order to ensure satisfaction and surpass their expectations. Then, we transform the client's needs into our priority

A signature feature of OCI's client-driven philosophy is decentralizationówe assemble small, dynamic teams of specialists to serve a particular client. OCI's management teams have constant and direct contact with the client. They get a clear perception of a client's desires, create an action plan that best serves that client, and implement that plan to complete the project.

Each of these teams has an experienced manager who coordinates team members and keeps them on schedule and within budget. Decentralization allows OCI's management teams to make prompt assessments and informed decisions that are tailor-made to each client. This increases quality and ensures the timely delivery of projects.

OCI is committed to creating a "Spirit of Service" within our organization, where every management team's goal is to serve the client and deliver a quality project on time and within budget. By maintaining this "Spirit of Service," OCI not only builds lasting structures, we build lasting relationships.
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