Businesses and InterestsÁfrica, Emirados e Portugal

In its operations, one of the challenges Odebrecht África, Emirados Árabes e Portugal (AEP) faces is the mission of establishing a single quality standard that is up to speed with the world’s most demanding markets. And without failing to respect the particular characteristics of each country when dealing with very different cultures.

Its engineering and construction services can be found in the following regions:

  • Middle East
  • Africa (with the exception of Angola and Namibia)
  • Portugal.

In parallel to these projects, AEP has been implementing integration and development programs in the countries, together with programs to train people in the local communities. In this way, it is able to unite some 16,000 Members of 65 different nationalities under a single spirit of serving.

In 2011, it once again began operating in the United Arab Emirates, earning the rights to the contract to build the water pumping station under the Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Program (STEP) for the expansion of the Abu Dhabi sanitation network.

Odebrecht AEP also began to undertake projects in Guinea-Conakry and is currently restoring the railroad for the transport of iron ore for the company ArcellorMittal in Liberia.

Also in Africa, it earned the right to the contracts to build the Nacala International Airport and Coal Terminal – Dock 8 at Beira Port in Mozambique, as well as the expansion of the coal mine infrastructure project for the company Vale in Moatize.

Also worthy of note is the construction project completed in Portugal that preserved and became part of the solution for historical monuments of Lisbon. It is called the Lisbon Internal Regional Ring Road (CRIL), a road project that required actions to support the Águas Livres and Francesas Aqueducts, classified as National Monuments of Portugal.