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Odebrecht Energia invests in and operates energy generation assets that use renewable sources in both Brazil and abroad.Created in 2011, it already accumulates over 1,400 MW of power in projects currently being installed in Latin America.

Its portfolio of assets includes hydroelectric plants, wind energy parks, a solar energy plant, in addition to biomass projects and Small Hydroelectric Power Plants (SHPPs).The company was created based on the ample experience of Construtora Norberto Odebrecht, which helped construct more than 58,500 MW of energy generation developments in Brazil and abroad.

Main Investments in Brazil

Located in Porto Velho (RO), the Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Power Plant has 3,150MW of installed power – enough energy to supply 40 million people.A reference in national engineering and sustainability standards, Santo Antônio began generating energy nine months ahead of the date established in the contractual term.

The Corredor do Senandes Wind Energy Complex, currently being installed in Rio Grande (RS), is formed by four wind energy parks that have a total of 108MW of installed power.It is an investment of approximately R$400 million and should begin operating in 2013. Odebrecht Energia has an additional 16 wind energy parks to be installed, which total 365MW.

In partnership with Neoenergia, Odebrecht Energia will install a solar energy plant at the Pernambuco Arena, one of the host stadiums for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, located in São Lourenço da Mata (PE).The solar energy plant will generate 1MW of power, equivalent to the average consumption of 6,000 Brazilians.

International Operations

The Chaglla Hydroelectric Power Plant marked the start of internationalization for Odebrecht Energia.Located in Huánuco, Peru, the plan received a total investment of US$ 1.2 billion, 406MW of capacity and will represent a 6.3% increase in the country’s clean energy generation.