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Indicated on eight different occasions as the largest international constructor of hydroelectric power plants by the magazine ENR, Odebrecht has more than 58,500 MW in construction projects and services in the energy sector in Brazil and abroad.

Its portfolio includes the construction of 72 hydroelectric plants, 12 thermoelectric plants, two nuclear power plants, dams for different purposes, in addition to the installation of approximately 6,300 Km of transmission lines.

Currently, the main developments in the energy sector being constructed in Brazil by Odebrecht include the Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Power Plant in Rondônia, with 3,150MW; the Teles Pires Hydroelectric Power Plant, located at the border of the states of Mato Grosso and Pará, with 1,820MW, and the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Power Plant in Pará, with 11,233MW.

The company has a greenhouse gas emission inventory at all of its constructions, making it possible to develop strategies that reduce environmental impacts.

One of the largest projects underway in Brazil, the Santo Antônio Hydroelectric Power Plant, represents a unique experience worldwide and serves as an example of sustainable construction.The plant is the first to use the “run-of-the-river” technology in the Amazon Basin and has one of the world’s largest bulb turbines, powered by the natural flow of the Madeira River.The use of these technologies does not require the construction of a large reservoir, thereby reducing environmental impacts.The construction of the Santo Antônio HPP should be concluded in 2016 and generated 18,000 direct jobs at the height of the work.

The Teles Pires Hydroelectric Power Plant, currently under construction on the Teles Pires River, has enough energy to supply 2.7 million families.The development received a total investment of R$4 billion and should be concluded in 2015.

At the peak of its construction work, the Teles Pires HPP will generate 6,000 direct jobs.

The Belo Monte Hydroelectric Power Plant, located on the Xingu River, is the world’s largest project of its kind under construction.Started in 2011, the peak of its installation will generate 30,000 direct jobs.The hydroelectric power plant received a total investment of R$28.5 billion and should be concluded in 2019.