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Odebrecht Participações e Investimentos Ltda. (OPI) has as main responsibility the management of Odebrecht participations in investments capable of generating new businesses.

OPI leads the Organization’s activities in each time more diversified infrastructure sectors in Latin America and Portugal.

Its experiences have originated companies such as Foz do Brasil, Odebrecht Energia and Odebrecht TransPort.

Presently, OPI focuses on the sectors of:

  • Transport and Logistics
  • Sports Arenas
  • Irrigation

The company makes investments, traditionally financed under the modality of Project Finance, based on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) contracts and Concessions.

Its projects, which include everything from the development to maturity phases, are currently allocated throughout different Latin American countries.

  • Brasil, in the Arena Fonte Nova project in Salvador, the first PPP concerning sports arenas for the 2014 Championship;
  • Peru, where it participates in concessionaires responsible for the expansion and operation of the IIRSA Norte e IIRSA Sul highways that belong to the South America integration axes. It also invests in the Olmos Valley irrigation system, operated by the Trasvase Olmos S.A. concessionaire;
  • Colômbia, where it participates in the Rota do Sol Concessionaire, responsible for the expansion and operation of Sector 2 of Rota do Sol highway that will connect Bogotá to the Caribbean coast;
  • Panamá, where it invests in the Madden-Colón highway.


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