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The oil and gas chain has experienced accelerated development over the past years, gaining increasing importance in the Brazilian economy. The Organization followed this advance up-close through the companies currently concentrated in Odebrecht Óleo e Gás S.A., or OOG .

In October 2010, OOG announced its capitalization with the entry of the shareholder Temasek Holdings, an investment company with a US$ 133 billion portfolio and head office in Singapore. Temasek invested US$ 400 million in OOG.

In 2011, one of the main fund managers in the Brazilian financial market, Gávea Investimentos, joined with 5% of the total OOG capital. Gávea Investimentos manages private assets of more than US$ 7.2 billion.

OOG offers services to the oil and gas industry, providing integrated solutions ranging from the design of project engineering and management to the operation of drilling, production and support units.

OOG’s scope of operations includes:·

  • Integrated Services: including the maintenance and logistics of offshore rigs, operation of FPSOs and Subsea units;
  • Offshore Drilling: involving the chartering and operation of these units.

The on-going partnership established with Petrobras since the 1950s has allowed Odebrecht to gather differentiated experience in the Oil and Gas segment.

This work also gave the Organization the distinction of pioneer in the sector. In 1979, Odebrecht Perfurações Ltda. (OPL), was founded, the first private Brazilian company to provide offshore well drilling services to Petrobras. It was also the first to operate a semisubmersible rig in a water depth of 1,000 meters (approx. 3,300 feet).

International Operations

Since 1997, OOG has operated the FPSO oil production rig called the North Sea Producer in partnership with Maersk FPSOs , which is responsible for the exploration of the MacCulloch field in the British Waters of the North Sea for the company ConocoPhillips. The initial estimate was for the production of 26 million barrels of oil. Currently, the total volume of oil produced reaches the mark of 100 million barrels.

The company also offers offshore drilling rig chartering and operation services for deep waters. Still in 2011, the Norbe VI submersible rig will begin operating in Brazil, followed by the drilling rigs Norbe VIII and Norbe IX.

Two new drilling ships are in the final phase of construction in South Korea - the ODN I and ODN II. These units are capable of drilling in water depths of up to 3,000 meters. They will begin operating in 2012.

The OOG fleet is built with state-of-the-art technology. All of the units have their crews chosen prioritizing teams with extensive experience in deep waters and the training of Brazilian labor to operate in the national and international market.

After all, the company is focused on creating value for Clients and Shareholders, business excellence and sustainability. OOG is committed to efficiency, productivity, environmental protection and the safety and health of Members and partners.


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