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Odebrecht Realizações Imobiliárias (OR) was created in 2004 to strengthen the Organization’s presence in the real estate segment and better reflect the concepts of quality, selectiveness and differentiation for which the Odebrecht developments are so well known.

OR’s growth has been accompanied by a serious commitment to sustainable development. The company is the founding member of Brazil’s Green Building Council, a non-governmental organization that helps develop and strengthen the sustainable construction industry in the country. It works under the principles of environmental preservation and conservation during all stages of its development – from planning to execution. Its projects seek to ensure the rational use of non-renewable natural resources, adopt the latest engineering and construction technologies and also promote the human, economic and cultural development of the regions in which OR operates.

Based on its solid history of success and the positive perspectives for growth for the upcoming years, in May 2010, Gávea Investimentos – one of the main asset managers in the Brazilian financial market – became a shareholder of OR by acquiring 14.5% stake in the company’s voting capital.

Personalized Projects

OR helped consolidate in the Brazilian market the construction of multi-use complexes that combine residential and commercial buildings and shopping malls – models that help resolve issues related to the growth of the major urban centers.

Seeking to offer homes located near the main amenities of major metropolises also prompted OR to created new “centralities,” or in other words, high standard neighborhoods with their entire infrastructure developed in complete harmony with the environment. This is the case of Vale dos Cristais, in Minas Gerais and Paiva Reserve in Pernambuco.

For companies seeking efficiency and personalized options and for investors looking for an alternative in real estate investments and a diversification of the portfolio, OR developed a specific area for corporate solutions – real estate consulting, structured operations (built to suit, sale & lease back and retrofit) and engineering and construction services.

For the low-income segment, OR has the brand Bairro Novo, which is dedicated to constructing planned neighborhoods and participates in the Brazilian Federal Government’s “My House, My Life” Program, under which it delivered 3,500 homes in 2011.


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