HistoryNational Expansion

During the initial phase of Construtora Norberto Odebrecht, the company’s operations were restricted to Salvador and rural Bahia. Of special note is the first construction project that the company completed for Petrobras, during the very first year of the state owned company’s existence in 1953. Norberto Odebrecht’s company was responsible for constructing the Catu-Candeias oil pipeline (BA), which transported the oil extracted from the new Catu field to the Mataripe Refinery. This marked the start of a partnership that has lasted strong until today.

In the 1960s, the construction company expanded into other states of the Brazilian Northeast, following the development of the region. It erected industrial facilities and complex logistics projects, preparing the teams for new, more difficult challenges. One of the projects undertaken during the period was the Pedras Dam over Contas River in Bahia.

Soon came the moment for the company to expand into the country’s South and Southeast regions. Odebrecht inaugurated this new phase by constructing the Petrobras head office in Rio de Janeiro. The project, begun in 1969 and concluded in 1971, became the largest monolithic structure in Latin America.

The major challenge of the 1970s was the special technology projects, such as subways, nuclear power plants, undersea outfalls, airports and major bridges. Odebrecht completed projects such as the Galeão International Airport (RJ), Colombo Salles Bridge (SC) and the Angra dos Reis Nuclear Power Plant (RJ).

The 1980s and 1990s would be marked by a new era: the consolidation of the company’s international operations and the diversification of its business areas, which began in 1979.