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Believe Program in Mozambique Earns National Distinction

In recognition of the work completed under the Believe Professional Qualification Program in Nacala, Mozambique, Odebrecht earned the Mozambique Youth Organization (OJM) Award as the Company that Most Stood Out in Professional Training during the year 2012 in the Province of Nampula.

The award ceremony took place in a public square as part of the OJM 35th anniversary celebration. Representing the company, Reinaldo Souza, responsible for the Social Responsibility area, and Adriano Mazula, Technical Assistant from the Social Responsibility area, received the certificate from the OJM District Secretary, Chandrek Sebastião Niconela.

In 2012, a total of 1,237 people were qualified under the basic and specific cycles at the Nacala International Airport Project Believe Training Center. During the Specific Cycle, there was the offer of courses for the trades of bricklayer, carpenter, plumber and blacksmith, and a portion of the participants were hired for the construction work.